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Foreword by the Rector

Dear Parent/Carer & Friend of Speyside High School,

I hope you will take this opportunity to join the Speyside High School Lottery.  The key point of this scheme is that 50% of the monthly earnings will directly benefit pupils. The idea has come from the significant efforts of a number of parents who felt that a lottery would be a great way for people to ensure that all of our pupils have the best opportunities they can.

For some this will be new experiences both within the school curriculum and, for others, it will be the opportunity to participate in activities not normally offered as part of the curriculum.

In some cases the lottery will help young people- whose family circumstances might mean they otherwise couldn’t participate in activities- meet the costs.

Nigel Engstrand

Invitation by the Promoter

You are invited to join the Speyside High School Lottery to be drawn monthly which you can do by e-mailing or by returning the tear-off slip attached requesting a joining pack to be sent out.  The pack consists of:

These items can also be downloaded from this page.

The Fund has been established to raise money that will ultimately be used for the benefit of all pupils attending SpeysideHigh School.  Fifty percent of monthly income will be allocated to a fund that will directly benefit all pupils at SpeysideHigh School. The other fifty percent of all monthly income from the sale of numbers will be returned to members in the form of 3 prizes:

  • 75% of the prize money will be allocated to the first number drawn in that monthly draw

  • 2 further prizes of 12½% as consolation prizes

As an example, if there were 100 members in a month, the prize fund would be £100.  The first prize would be £75 and there would be 2 additional prizes of £12.50 each.  If the membership grows to 200 the monthly prize would be £150 and the additional prizes would be £25 each. The more people to join the Fund, the higher the prize value. 

The lottery is open to any parent/carer or member of staff of SpeysideHigh Schooland any person resident in Speyside providing they are over 16 years of age.  The Club has been licensed by the Moray Council to hold such a fundraising initiative so why not join in the opportunity to win some money and at the same time help the pupils of SpeysideHigh School

This is an opportunity to support the school’s efforts to offer a broader educational experience to your child.  We hope you will decide to join the lottery.

Rod Jackson


Friends of SpeysideHigh SchoolLottery



At the Parent Council meeting held on 4 December 2013, the Council confirmed its approval for the establishment of the fundraising sub-group Friends of Speyside High School and the establishment of a lottery club to be run by this group for the purpose of raising funds to support athletics and cultural activities undertaken by pupils at Speyside High School.


The regular monthly prize will be 50% of the monthly income.  Seventy five percent of the prize fund will be allocated to the first prize and a further 2 prizes of 12½% will also be made from the prize fund.  As an example, if income for the month is £200 (assuming 100 members) the prize fund will be £100.  The 3 prizes for that month’s draw would be a first prize of £75 and 2 further prizes of £12.50 each.  If there were 200 members the prize fund would be £200.  The 3 prizes for this level of participation would be a first prize of £150 and 2 further prizes of £25 each.

  1. The object of the Club is to raise funds for Friends of Speyside High School and will be run under the supervision of the FOSHS who will also administer the Club.  The Club will be licensed to hold such a fund raising initiative.

  2. The Club is open to all parents and staff of Speyside High School and any person resident in Speyside who wishes to support FOSHS.  Members must be over 16 years of age.  Members must fill in an application form (attached).

  3. Membership of the Club costs £24 annually per ticket.  This entitles the member to enter one ticket in 12 successive draws.  Members may have more than one ticket.  Members must agree to remain in the Club for one calendar year.  There are 2 methods of payment for a single subscription:

    • cash or cheque for £24 made as a single payment at the time of making application

    • £24 annual Standing Order paying £2 per month

    • The monthly subscription must be paid by the third of each month in order to qualify for inclusion.  It will be the responsibility of the member to ensure that the subscription is paid in advance and the promoter will accept no liability if it remains unpaid at the time of the draw.  The promoter will make void the number if it is unpaid at the time of the draw.

    •  The lottery year will be from 1 April each year, anyone joining partway through will pay only the sum to cover the number of outstanding draws before renewing their membership on 1 April each year.

  4. A monthly draw will take place during Registration on the last Monday of each month when a staff member of FOSHS will select a pupil from a tutor group to make the draw.  Any draws due during school holidays will take place on the first day back at school after a holiday.  During the summer break the draw will be undertaken by FOSHS members.

  5. A register will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them. Unfortunately members cannot request specific numbers.

  6. The winner will be announced on School Noticeboards and in the weekly Northern Scot newspaper section entitled Speyside High School school notes.  The individual will be contacted by the FOSHS from the details confirmed on their application form.  It is the responsibility of the member to notify FOSHS or any change of contact details.  In the unlikely event that the winner does not accept the winnings, the winnings will be placed into FOSHS funds after 6 months.

  7. Proof of posting of subscriptions will not be accepted as proof of delivery and no liability will be accepted for loss or delays, however caused, the promoter’s decision is final.

  8. In joining or renewing a membership, a receipt will be issued to members for receipt of the payment with confirmation of the number and which draws will be covered by the subscription.  The receipt may be required as proof of purchase in the event of a win.

  9. Winnings will be made in the form of a bank cheque in favour of the member with the winning number.  The cheque can be collected at Speyside High School during normal working hours.  In the case of the winner whose application was paid by Standing Order, any winnings would be paid direct into the member’s bank account using the bank details provided with the acceptance of the Standing Order.  They would receive only written confirmation of their winning number.


This initiative depends on your support to make it attractive and viable to run.  In the event of a poor take up (we are looking for 100 members initially) your application will not be processed and any cheque or Standing Order form would be returned to you.

Furthermore, the Promoter reserves the right to with draw the scheme in the future were the membership to fall below a viable level (100 members).  All monies outstanding to subscribers would be returned were such a decision to be made.